Get to know us

Crown Full of Locs/Crown Full Of Curls Company is a brand that advocates for men women children with Locs! We are here to educate & encourage people about Locs. We plan to enlighten the world about Locs through our positive apparel, events & more!!!!!

This brand was started in 2015 by Tia Hunt the Ceo.

Crown Full Of Locs is more than a brand, we are a lifestyle that advocates for men, women , and children with natural hair! We have live talks with people with natural hair & locs, youtube videos on what we do with our hair and more. 

Many people around the world are uneducated about Locs and natural hair, they tend to have a fix mind set about this normal hair type. Locs have this bad reputation that CFOL wants to get rid of. Locs are just like any other hairstlye or texture hair. Locs have been around for many moons & will be around for many more. It is still so hard to believe many people all around the world are being discriminated against because of their beautiful LOCS or NATURAL HAIR.

We will change the worlds thoughts!