The Crown Affect!

We are so proud to introduce our new natural hair care line called “The Crown Affect”.

October 1st we will be releasing our first product of the natural hair care line which is a refreshing hair mist that can be used on all natural hair. For Locs just spray all over & go. This will keep locs moisturized & smelling amazing! For natural hair, apply the hair mist before styling! This will leave your natural hair soft & moisturized! THIS MIST IS FOR EVERYDAY USE! After refreshing your hair with mist you are ready to style ! Wondering what to style with now?! How about trying our amazing hair butta that’s perfect for natural hair,locs, twist, & braids! 
Having trouble growing your crown?? Try our growth oil! This oil is for all natural hair! Yes Locs are natural hair!  Most products used for loose natural hair can be used for locs! You have to take care of your locs just as much as you did your loose hair! If you love on your hair & take care of it, it will grow like flower! 
We are excited to share our secrets & help others with maintaining and keeping healthy natural hair. 

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